What is considered a voice disorder?

You may have a voice disorder if:

  • Your voice is not adequate to function in activities of daily life (work, school, family, social).
  • You may notice a change in how your voice sounds. It may sound raspy, strained, airy, breathy, tight, low, quiet, too loud, voice breaks, pitch breaks.
  • You may have difficulty projecting your voice or sustaining your voice throughout the day. You may notice pain/soreness or fatigue while using your voice.


How is a voice disorder diagnosed?

A voice disorder is generally diagnosed by an Otolaryngologist (ENT) and in many cases voice therapy is recommended.  The ENT may do one of the follow procedures to diagnose the voice disorder:

  • Endoscopic exam- A camera goes in the nose and travels above the larynx. This gives the doctor a visual of your vocal folds and the surrounding area, so that accurate diagnosis is possible.
  • Videostroboscopy- Similar to an endoscopic exam, but video is taken so that the doctor can see the vocal folds in motion and diagnose movement disorders of the vocal folds.


People tell me my child’s voice is hoarse/raspy/tight, what should I do?

Come in for a voice evaluation. The therapist will be able to explain how therapy can help improve your child’s voice.


Can a voice disorder really be treated with therapy?

Yes! We can help to heal your voice with vocal exercises that are designed to improve your vocal quality and make it easier to use your voice.


I have not been to an ENT but I think I have a voice problem, can I still go to the Healing Voice Center?

Yes!  We will perform an evaluation and make recommendations regarding the next steps, which may include referral to an ENT and voice therapy.


I am a singer having voice difficulties, can I come to the Healing Voice Center?

Yes!  We are trained to treat singers. We also treat teachers, moms, lawyers and other professionals who feel they have a voice problem.


I am having difficulty with swallowing, can I come to the Healing Voice Center?

Yes! Book an evaluation, we will do a clinical swallow evaluation and develop a plan to improve your ability to swallow! Call us to learn more about how therapy can strengthen your swallow function.





To learn more about Healing Voice Center, and to find out how we can help you or your loved one, please email us at info@healingvoicecenter.com.